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Will Cavities Ever Go Away Naturally?

Read our blog post to learn if cavities heal on their own or if they need professional treatment. We also give a few cavity-prevention tips! Schedule a visit to our Plano dental office to be sure your mouth is cavity-free.

CEREC Dental Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

Check out our blog post to learn about how our same-day dental crowns made with CEREC technology are better than traditional dental crowns. We offer advanced technology to provide you with high quality care that is comfortable and convenient. Contact us for a consultation!

Dr. Bafna’s 3 Month Tour of Active Duty in the U.S. Army

We love the USA here at Dental Studio 121! Check out our blog post to learn about how Dr. Bafna, a Captain in the U.S. Army Dental Reserves, helped improve the oral health of soldiers in El Paso during his recent 3 month deployment. We want to care for your smile too. Contact us to schedule your next checkup.

Smoking And Oral Health

  THE DISEASE WE USUALLY think of when we hear “health risks of smoking” is lung cancer, but the damage smoking can cause isn’t limited to the lungs. A smoking habit can do a lot of harm to oral health as well, far beyond merely staining the teeth and causing bad breath. Let’s take a look … Continued

Your Pet’s Dental Health

  YOU MIGHT BE TEMPTED to think that because wild animals can’t do much for their dental health, pets like dogs and cats don’t need dental care either. In reality, keeping your pet’s teeth healthy will help them have a longer, healthier, and happier life! Why Do Pets Need Dental Care? Our pets need dental care … Continued

10 Fun Dental Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

THE TRUTH IS, our teeth are amazing! Without them we wouldn’t be able to speak, eat, sing, or smile properly. We’d like to celebrate our teeth by sharing some interesting dental facts you may not have known! Here Are 10 Fun Dental Facts If you’ve been using floss daily, by the end of the year the total … Continued

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